Google Reader was shut down after July 1, 2013, and users were able to use Google Takeout to save their data, including subscriptions and starred, liked, and shared articles until July 15.  However, the article lists are JSON files with a custom format for which there weren’t (as far as I know) any user-friendly viewers, so I made one.

Stella (you're looking at it right now!) runs entirely in your modern, standards-compliant, HTML5 FileReader API-supporting Web browser (you are using one, right?) and lets you view any Google Reader article list in JSON format, including your starred, liked, shared, and notes lists, as well as any subscriptions you’ve exported in JSON format (more on that here).  All you have to do is click “Select JSON file”, select your file, and start reading!  You can also save a static HTML page which you can view offline.

It’s worth noting that Google Reader JSON files do contain the full contents of each article, and Stella does let you view those.

Your JSON files stay on your computer.  No data is sent to my server.  (I promise.  I can't afford the load!)

Stella is free software, and its source code is released under the X11 License.  If you modify the JavaScript or CSS files, run make to regenerate the stella.combined.{js,css} files; otherwise, you won’t see your changes.